Artist Statement

I am Halftone.

Being raised with both Eastern and Western cultural influences due to my mixed ethnicity has given me a unique perspective. Western ways of thought are primarily attentive to individualism, while Eastern principles gravitate towards collectivism in concern of the group’s wellbeing. My prints honor the dichotomy of these attitudes by uniting their opposing philosophies. Both are consequently seamed in collaboration, like my physical and mental existence. I am essentially halftone.

The contrasting relationship formed is called the “One and All” ideology. The One refers to the Western idea, while the All are noted in Eastern practices. Presented is an arrangement of millions to billions of tiny, pigmented circles that converge in forming the One large piece. This collectivism is also noted in a printed edition, as many copies are produced to share the One image.

The viewer is also a halftone dot in correlation with the All, or rest of humanity. Fusing together the polarities of One and All in the medium of fine art serigraphy demonstrates my infatuation with jointing: the macro and microcosm, the universe in relationship to the individual cell, and cycles represented in conjunction with linear thinking.